Xin Cheng

visual artist, curious human being

Portfolio (40Mb, Mar 2023)

CV (Mar 2023)

Mar 2022 Tender Webs, Wormhole Gallery, Edgecumbe, Aotearoa (curated by Jordan Davey-Emms)

Nov 2022 Projects, Aotearoa Art Fair, Auckland (curated by Micheal Do)

22 Apr 2022 Port Futures & Social Logistics, online exhibition hosted by University of Georgia, US. (upcoming, curated by Jan Derk Diekema)

Mar-Apr 2022 A Place for Local Making with Adam Ben-Dror & Grace Ryder, an invitation for open-source making, joyful playing, inquisitive thinking and resourceful living in an interconnected world. Supported by Creative New Zealand, Urban Dream Brokerage, Wellngton City Council, Wellington

2021 Fathomless: artists converse with the more-than-human, Online in association with Victoria University Wellington/Adam Art Gallery (curated & essay by Janine Randerson)

2021 Te tomo kōhua, Artspace Aotearoa, Auckland (with Adam Ben-Dror, curated by Blaine Western)

2021 So Close / So Far, Hypercultural Passengers, Hamburg, Germany (curated by Michael Kress). Essay by Heidi Salaverría (in German)

2021 They Covered the House in Stories, Te Tuhi, Auckland (curated & essay by Amy Weng)

2021 The rustling wind reminds me of life on Earth, Sculpture commissioned by Christchurch Art Gallery, Christchurch (with Eleanor Cooper, curated by Melanie Oliver)

2020 Rambling, the Audio Foundation, Auckland ((with Ziggy Lever))

2020 Making Like A Forest: Manawa Karioi & Common Unity Project Aotearoa, video-installation for From the Ground Up, Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt (with Adam Ben-Dror, curated by Grace Ryder, supported by Te Whare Hēra Residency)

Writing by Zoë Heine; Review by Robyn Maree Pickens

2020 Flows according to rocks, Paludal, Christchurch (with Eleanor Cooper)

2020 Speaking Surfaces, St Paul St Gallery, Auckland (with Monique Jansen, curated by Charlotte Huddleston)

25 July 2020, 2pm Listening Group with Ziggy Lever, The Audio Foundation, Auckland

25 July 2020, 4:30pm a seedbag for resourcefulness book launch & talk at RM, Auckland

'a seedbag for resourcefulness' grew out of twelve years of walking around urban environments in the Asia-Pacific and Europe, noticing small modifications of shared spaces and the interplay between their many maker-user-carer-hackers. A five-part publication, where Xin talked with Christopher Dell about the Berlin Wall and being a designer who wants to change themselves; Lucie Schroeder about nurturing kefir and sharing stories; substack about UNIX design and thrifty living; Heidi Salaverría about doubting, surfing and dragons. The largest booklet, 'patterns of resourcefulness', was woven out of drawings, photos and stories of human(e) edges, to inspire caring and making of your own surroundings.

Printed inhouse with multi-coloured risograph and laser, this limited edition was assembled with the caring hands of Xin's friends, at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts, Germany, December 2019.

For the launch, Xin invites you to an afternoon to share the making of publication, and to germinate some ways for how these ideas could become seeds for growing our local environments, together.

With thanks to the generous support of Creative New Zealand and kind humans of Materialverlag — HFBK Hamburg.

Available at Materialverlag (Hamburg), splitfountain (Auckland), Strange Goods (Auckland), or email: summerxc at

2020 Greywater, Mokopōpaki, Auckland (with Eleanor Cooper)

Writing by Millie Dow; Review by Review by John Hurrell

2020 Seeing Like a Forest at Spheres: An Online Video Project, Christchurch Art Gallery, Christchurch (curated by Melanie Oliver & Nathan Pohio)

Writing by Lance Pierce

July 2019 Following the Rubber Trails / Auf den Spuren des Gummis, Frappant Galerie, Hamburg, Germany (initiator & principle artist, with Heidi Salaverría, Jesús Pulpón, Jozefina Frljić, Natalia Golubtsova, Sigrid Bohlens, Tam Pham)

Writing by Jari Niesner

June 2016 - ongoing writing forHainamana: Asian New Zealand Art & Culture.

2014 - ongoing resourceful workshops, various locations

July 2019 Making Like A Forest, Graduate Show, HFBK Hamburg

March 2019 HFBK exchange exhibition at Goldsmiths, University of London, London

Sep 2018 Hanging out at Floating University Berlin

Apr 2018 'Failing' to make wheels, paper and workshop for Disruptive Improvisation: Making Use of Non-Deterministic Art Practices in Human-Computer Interactions, at ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing System, Montreal, Canada (with Chris Berthelsen)

July 2017 workshop and installation with Ziggy Lever and Soeine Bac at Stazione di Topoloò, Topolò, Italy

Oct 2016 - 2018 participating in Design for the Living World , Hamburg and elsewhere. Thanks to Creative NZ!

8-16 Oct 2016 a welcoming terrain for relaxing, making, eating and being together, with Chris Berthelsen, Vulcan Lane, Auckland. Thanks to Auckland Artweek, Auckland Council, Heart of the City. Slightly inaccurate, but amusing report by NZ Herald

22 Sept 2016, 6:30pm Workshop with Clare Luiten, Malcom Smith Gallery, Auckland.
we invite you to come for a special exploration of the spaces and objects in Sacred Economies, and the surrounding environment, with your whole body (not just your eyes) as the sensing, feeling, responding instrument.

17 Sep 2016, 1-3pm House-Hat Parade for Auckland, with Chris Berthelsen, for Beauty is in the Street, Objectspace. Invited by elle loui august.
When people go through a street wearing high hats, the architectural appearance of the city is changed. —Hundertwasser
The society of rooms is the place where it is good to learn, good to live, good to work.
The street is a community room. —Louis Kahn

'Crisis' is a matter of perspective, not fact. How could we do 'housing' differently?
Bring along an idea (or, find one here) and join us in making a parade of house-hats down Ponsonby in search of pleasurable and frugal ways to dwell (and leave the crisisthinking to others!).

10 Sept 2016 Recent works of making-do(ing), with Chris Berthelsen, Sacred Economies, Malcom Smith Gallery, Auckland. curated by Balamohan Shingade.

July - Sep 2016 Warming the Whau, with Ariane Craig-Smith, Amarbir Singh, supported by the Whau Local Board.
Our ancestors have always looked to the landscape to support themselves – for food, medicine, shelter and other resources. How can the largely urban landscape of the Whau be seen as a nurturing resource? Beyond the mainstream of privatised space, commerce and consumerism, what abundance is already there, and what further abundance can be encouraged? How can we inhabit and use public spaces in a way that promotes connection?
‘Warming the Whau’ is a process of exploration, action and conversation, to investigate the resources that may already exist in the area - of people and organisations, free materials, knowledge, to explore and share ways of using these resources, build dialogue with Whau locals and visitors and to document these resources and material explorations for others to follow.

31 July - 4 Sept 2016 small modifications, with Chris Berthelsen, Andrea Bell, Dunedin Public Art Gallery. Project blog here.

June-October 2016 Living, Making, Together 1 & 2 , University without Conditions, Auckland. 1, 2.

July 2016 TEMP shelter arts emporium, with Chris Berthelsen, Corban Estate Arts Centre. Three day workshop for improvised making in disaster times. documentation here.

Apr-May 2016 Zero Yen Tour with Chris Berthelsen, Japan. Thanks to NZJEP. Project blog here.

19 Mar 2016 Multiple Layers and Modes of Living, Sharing Together, a sharing gathering at RM, Auckland.

12 Mar 2016 Performance with Clare Luiten, White Night Greenwoods Corner, Auckland Arts Festival, Auckland.

Sep-Dec 2015 Residency at SeMA Nanji, Seoul, Korea. Thanks to Asia New Zealand Foundation and Creative New Zealand. Project blog.

1 Oct - 5 Nov 2015 Participating in the 2nd Tbilisi Triennial, Georgia. Part of the group exhibition 124,908, curated by Tara McDowell, invited by Ash Kilmartin.

21-Sep-2015 artist's talk at Et@t, Taipei, Taiwan (in Mandarin)

19-Sep-2015 Agency in the breathing world, talk and workshop with Howl Space, Tainan, Taiwan

27-Aug-2015 Performer for Bangers n Mash 6, Old Folks Association, 8 Gundry Street, Auckland. Organised by Kristian Larsen with Vitamin S

early Aug 2015 making-do(ing) workshop (with Chris Berthelsen, Eleanor Cooper, Melanie Kung) at Waiotahe Valley School, Te Tai Rawhiti, Aotearoa. Photo set here.

26-Jun-15 makeshift: collaborative performance (with Clare Luiten, Natalie Maria, Eleanor Cooper, Sam Wood-Rawnsley, Steve Carter) and edition launch, split/fountain, Auckland

2-May-15 Our darling Bodinh: a residency in Cambodia, talk & film screening, RM, Auckland
talk & film screening, RM

12-Apr-15 Thinking and making home remedies for frugal and friendly living, workshop for EcoDay at Sustainable Living Centre, New Lynn (with Chris Berthelsen)

29-Mar-15 resourceful making, jamming and sharing in the neighbourhood, Neighbours day picnic, Rowan Reserve, Three Kings (with Melanie Kueng and Ariane Craig-Smith, supported by Puketapapa Local Board.)

27-Mar-15 The Ecology of Thinking panel discussion with UFO Bureau (Of Investigation), Renton Rd, Mangere

20-Mar-15 makeshift pamphlet series and toolkit launch, split/fountain, Auckland

Photos courtesy of split/fountain

8-Mar-15 Dwelling trees, tree dwellings, "The Dendromaniac - Enjoy Occasional Journal", Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington

7-Mar-15 developing a shared understanding of home remedies, makeshift stall at New Lynn Chinese New Year Market (with Chris Berthelsen, supported by Whau Local Board)

6-Mar-15 Performer for I AM, MAU/Lemi Ponifasio, Aotea Centre, Auckland Arts Festival

26-Feb-15 what could happen on a fence, Ponsonby Summer Art Show, Auckland (with Chris Berthelsen, curated by Richard Maloy)

22-Jan-15 on enjoying our gardens and other wild places, collaborative outdoor work and self-made residency for headland Sculpture on the Gulf 2015, Waiheke Island (with Chris Berthelsen)

2-Dec-14 always have nuts and seeds in her bag, collaborative performance with dancer Chikako Kitajima, Green Kitchen Alam, Nagano, Japan (facilitated by Makoto Maruyama)

29-Nov-14 fabric forms for Sprint Independent Publishers and Artists' Books Salon, Milan, Italy (invited by Caterina Riva, activated by Giovanni Riggio and volunteers)

19-Nov-14 Concrete mounds and caves at Plainpalais, Geneva, video for "Probstian Aesthetic", Blue Oyster Art Project Space, Dunedin (curated by Dan Arps)

25-Oct-14 Three fires to warm the cockles of your heart, informal walks and garden events (25 October, 31 October, 6 November) in collaboration with companions, during residency at Utopiana, Geneva, Switzerland (invitation pamphlet designed by Lucas Cantori)

23-Oct-14 collaborative performance with Aymon Barrio, Thomas Ricomard for Aux Carrefours du Monde, Place de la Navigation, Geneva, Switzerland

20-Sep-14 Starting something we cannot finish, workshop for distracted-workshop, a collaborative split/fountain exhibition project at the 26th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno, Cezch Republic
(with Jack Hadley, Layla Tweedie-Cullen (NZ) Jayme Yen (US); presenting actions by Chris Berthelsen, Nell May (NZ) Anne Fenton, Kristin Posehn (US). Photos courtesy of split/fountain)

16-Aug-14 Open dialogue with Aura Seikkula, Ben Vickers, Antonia Manoochehri; outdoor installation and collaborative making for FuturePerfect festival. Grinda Island, Stockholm, Sweden

2-Aug-14 Games Afternoon at RM: Improvising Games from Slums, Megaregions and Super Cities (with Chris Berthelsen and companions), RM, Auckland

18-Jul-14 Making-Doing Park, concept design for James Watson Reserve, Flat Bush (with Chris Berthelsen, Eleanor Cooper, for Auckland Council)

17-May-14 Makeshifting Cambodia, research residency and public events at Sa Sa Art Projects, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

10-Mar-14 making do walks, workshops, publication, with Chris Berthelsen and companions, supported by ArtspaceNZ, Auckland